4 responses to “Roasted Root Vegetable Crostata (Playing with Leftovers)”

  1. Carrietracy


    I know the off on Election Day seems nuts, but I’m betting some schools are polling places. Have school in session in a place that is also a polling place is really tough. When I worked in the inner city we had armed guards between the polling room and the school halls. That’s a lot of police to commit. In my suburban job you just have panicked teachers diving towards the bathroom doors screeching “Can I help you?” As some random citizen heads into a room with partially clothed kids. Can’t stand it. So much better to be off.

    Also, I will eat almost anything in a pie crust.

  2. Katy

    I loved this – as did my picky mother-in-law, my two kids, and my husband. This will definitely go in the regular rotation. My only issue is that it was hard to find pie crust. I could find pie shells everywhere, but not the pie crust. Is there any substitute? Thanks!

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