7 responses to “Brown Butter Noodles: World’s Easiest Comfort Food”

  1. Andrea

    comfort food!
    Left over rice heated up in a skillet with some butter, topped with a fried egg. Same goes for left over plain noodles. I’ve never actually browned the noodles, but buttered plain noodles or plain rice topped with a nice runny fried egg has always been a comfort food..
    oddly enough.. it’s often a BREAKFAST comfort food. How weird is that??

  2. sarah

    oh my heavens that looks so good I have to make that tomorrow!

  3. Alicia

    Aw. My Daddy used to make these. He also added garlic and they were called “garlic noodles”. Mmmmmm.

  4. Christine Greer

    My Oma made this for me too, but fried a little leftover ham in the butter first cut in to tiny pieces. ohh memory lane..thanks

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