44 responses to “Slow Cooker Spinach, Peas & Pear Risotto: Recipe & Giveaway!”

  1. Claudia

    I like you on facebook! 🙂

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    And Plum Organics.

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  4. Claudia

    And I’m liking Strawberry-Apple Whole Wheat Cookies and Carrot Oat Cakes.

  5. Nicole O.

    Wowzers, slow cooker risotto. I LOVE risotto but often the need for constant stirring prevents me from making it. Not being able to walk away when you hear a crash isn’t exactly toddler friendly- lol.

    I’m super excited to try this!

  6. Nicole O.

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  7. Aileen

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  9. Aileen

    I like Plum Organics.

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  11. Aileen

    And, honestly, your recipe is my favorite. It’s definitely the one I’m most likely to make.

  12. Nicole O.

    I subscribe to you via email.

    …and thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Hilary

    The carrot oat cakes sounds pretty yummy and perfect for a breakfast on the go.

  14. Hilary

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  15. Hilary

    I like Plum Organics on FB

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  17. Ilse

    Ok. The risotto sounds delicious. Those ingredients I mean come on, how could that not be good!?

  18. Ilse

    Oh and thank you for introducing me to plum organics. I have a 3 month old and 3 yr old and I definitely see their products in my near future. Can’t wait to try your risotto!

  19. Jesse

    OMg, I want to try this! And win this 🙂

  20. Jesse

    And of course I like you on FB!

  21. Jesse

    And yes, I subscribe by email also! I’m in it to win it, baby!

  22. Mandi

    I think the strawberry apple cookies sound great!

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    I like “Parents Need to Eat Too” on Facebook as well!

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    and I subscribe on email too!

  26. Gina W.

    I would like to try the carrot oat cakes! Healthy breakfast on the go is what we need right now for my little ones! 🙂

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    I like Parents Need to Eat Too on FB!

  28. Gina W.

    I like Plum Organics on FB!

  29. Nancy

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  30. Liz

    Your recipe looks awfully good!

  31. Liz

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  32. Theresa

    I really like the look of your recipe but also like “Strawberry & Apple Whole Wheat Cookies”.

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    Subscribe to your emails. 🙂

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    And like Plum Organics on Facebook.

  36. Heather

    I like the risotto! I already heart your slow cooker butternut squash so this sounds just delish.

  37. Heather

    And I subscribe via RSS =)!

  38. Miranda

    Strawberry apple cookies sound yum

  39. Miranda

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    Email subscriber.

  41. Kate F

    I wish we owned shares in Plum Organics–we buy this stuff by the carton through Amazon, and that spinach one is the go-to! I have to say I’d try the risotto for that reason alone.

  42. Kate F

    Ah, liked on FB too.

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