Pie Crust Remains My Nemesis

That’s all I’m sayin’.

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  1. Nicky at Not My Mother

    If it makes you feel any better I made the Easiest Cake Ever again last night (after a rousing success the other weekend) and I think I screwed it up. Guess I'll find out at craft night tonight 🙂

  2. Unplanned Cooking

    Very funny. I feel that way about hash browns. I can never get them right.

  3. debbie koenig

    You guys are funny.

    Nicky, good luck tonight!

    And Unplanned, my other nemesis is roast chicken. Funny how the seemingly simplest things are beyond my grasp.

  4. Alisabow

    I suck at it, too. I won't ever go there ever again. Pie crusts are why bakeries and grocery stores were invented as far as I'm concerned.

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